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Assist elders to remain functioning in their community and living at home with their families.

The Adult Day Services is a community-based group program designed to meet the specific needs of Cambodian elders with functional impairments through an individual care plan. The program uses culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services to assist elders in adjusting to a new culture and living healthy, happy, and independent lives.

All Adult Day Services provided in an adult day center licensed by the State of Minnesota and meet all programmatic and training standards required by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. These services include culturally sensitive recreational, therapeutic, and social activities among peers, such as:
Group Discussion
Arts, Crafts, and Music
Supervise, Structured Exercise
Case Management
Transportation Arrangements
Chronic Disease Management
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Health Education: Diabetes Classes, Nutritional Classes 

Nutritionally balanced and culturally appropriate morning and noon meal and afternoon snacks.

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